How long does it take to scan a typical 1800 sqft home?

A typical 1800 sqft home may take 45 to 60 min to scan. It depends on the layout and complexity of the home. Make sure to walk the home and predetermine your route before you start. Have plan of action first, this will make use of your time efficiently.

When can I expect my link to my VR tour?

It may take 12-24 hours to upload the scans to the cloud for the work to be done. After you are done with the scans, please connect to Wi-Fi and upload the scan. The clock starts to tick after the scans successfully uploaded. If you purchased any additional products (stills, reel, outside 360’s), please add an extra 24 hours for additional work done to your order.

Can your team stage the home for me?

We do not provide staging to a home. Please have the owner or the Realtor stage the space as needed. Have all unwanted items hidden all lights on and all clutter cleaned up prior to our technician arrival. We will not move or rearrange furniture, items or personal materials. This is a photo shoot of your space, please have it ready for its close up.

Can you walk from outside to inside the house thru a scan?

Our camera uses very sensitive optics and laser measurements design to work in the home. UV rays from the sun may interfere with the equipment. We provide 360 views for outside at certain points to showcase the exterior portion of the home. These are additional services provided.

Can I take a class on how to use the camera?

We recommend a 24show technician for the first location and he or she can provide you with detail instructions on how the system works. Hands on experience are priceless.

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